Why did you lie/I would’ve understood

If I said tomorrow, you’d ask for today
But I never did understand partial wholes
So that’s already a given and
The sun sets and gives new heatwaves
To other days
And I don’t know why
There’s not enough for everyone
Why are our days not the same
Why can I not smile with you in my presence
Why is it so damn hard to get out of bed
I never could work without giving it my all
So If i dont think i can finish
I simply won’t start
So if today will not work for you
I will lay in bed and cry
But when tomorrow comes
I will force myself to crawl out
And paint false dignity on my face
Knowing once again, you will not show up


Thankyou for reading! For updates on new posts follow my blog and/or my instagram. Sending love to everyoneโฃ๐ŸŒธ

Published by Kaylen

Hello! My name is Kaylen and I am 17. I love poetry and just want to spread love and kindness to anyone I can. Thank you to anyone that reads my posts. Anyone is welcome to connect and follow me through my instagram: kaylen_jo74 or send me an email at mcvicar.kaylen@gmail.com. I always have open ears and an open heart. Sending my love, wishing you the best, and may everyone be happy and healthy. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŒธ

13 thoughts on “Why did you lie/I would’ve understood

  1. Kaylen, this is so well written. I was overwhelmed with the raw emotions and power of your words. There is a sadness, a melancholic tone, that reverberates through out. And you close with a certain strength and indignance that pushes back against the sadness. A beautiful composition, young lady!

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