We decide the meaning 

Destiny lives within my memory
It is difficult for me to forget
So true forgiveness must be given
In order to be happy with this skin
I wish i could wash you from my clothes
My hands and hair are stained
But not in blood and tears
Like you would think
This is different
Destiny evolves within my thoughts
Destiny is the basis of everything i do
Not because it is already decided
But because i choose to choose


Thankyou for reading! For updates on new posts follow my blog and/or my instagram. Sending love to everyone❣🌸

Published by Kaylen

Hello! My name is Kaylen and I am 17. I love poetry and just want to spread love and kindness to anyone I can. Thank you to anyone that reads my posts. Anyone is welcome to connect and follow me through my instagram: kaylen_jo74 or send me an email at mcvicar.kaylen@gmail.com. I always have open ears and an open heart. Sending my love, wishing you the best, and may everyone be happy and healthy. 😊🌸

16 thoughts on “We decide the meaning 

  1. Kaylen, your words a blissful truths about every day life. The impromptu hiccups we sometimes endure only to feel relieved with that wave has passed us, and the world is quiet. Keep, it, up. Stay in bed if you must, just promise to keep writing because we need your words.

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