Lost Stars 

I have not written in three weeks
Instead I use my time crying and sleeping
The words are lost somewhere in me
I am lost somewhere else
The nightmares have stopped coming
But sometimes fear is better than nothing
I don’t know how to fix this
But I always do
Without anyone ever knowing
My skin of gold is just ash now
But no one ever notices
My star dust soul no longer contains stars
My words are just dust
And I am lost
Searching within the specs
Hoping to be saved before anyone ever knows

Published by Kaylen

Hello! My name is Kaylen and I am 17. I love poetry and just want to spread love and kindness to anyone I can. Thank you to anyone that reads my posts. Anyone is welcome to connect and follow me through my instagram: kaylen_jo74 or send me an email at mcvicar.kaylen@gmail.com. I always have open ears and an open heart. Sending my love, wishing you the best, and may everyone be happy and healthy. 😊🌸

4 thoughts on “Lost Stars 

  1. A beautiful poem of searching and want. Sometimes our words require us to be patient, but waiting on them is never easy. Stay strong and keep writing, your words will always find you! ❤🌹😘❤

    Liked by 1 person

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