Shower Tears 

He sits in the tub
Letting the water run
In the shower overhead

He holds his body together
Swearing those hands will be
The only ones that ever touch him again

He cries and weeps
Knowing this is the only place
He will not be heard

Though only six years of age
Society has taught him his place
Boys are not meant to show their emotions

He did not know at the time
But now it is too late
He can not change what has happened

But he sits in the tub
Biting his tongue
Begging for anyone else’s positive attention



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Published by Kaylen

Hello! My name is Kaylen and I am 17. I love poetry and just want to spread love and kindness to anyone I can. Thank you to anyone that reads my posts. Anyone is welcome to connect and follow me through my instagram: kaylen_jo74 or send me an email at I always have open ears and an open heart. Sending my love, wishing you the best, and may everyone be happy and healthy. 😊🌸

21 thoughts on “Shower Tears 

      1. It happens very often. I had to literally teach my brother to express feelings instead of constantly trying to harm yourself. It is okay. I hope the future generation will understand that.

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        1. Yes! It is difficult to reconstruct mindsets. I am so happy and proud that you helped your brother. If we teach our youth now, things can and will change.


    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I hate the judgement and automatic expectations that men face. It’s not fair in any way. Women and men and both stereotyped and it needs to end.

      Liked by 1 person

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