Liebster Award 

Thank you so much Sidharth for nominating me! You’ve always seen potential in me as a writer and blogger and I appreciate it bunches. Sidharth is an amazing writer, blogger, and friend. If you have not checked out his blog you definitely should, you will not be disappointed. The name of his blog is writingrhymes. ……..Continue reading “Liebster Award “

Dear Dreamer Boy: A Collection of Letters

Dear dreamer boy, You said you haven’t slept in four days Now it’s been four days without a response So I guess you fell asleep and haven’t woken up yet The moon quit talking to me too But that’s okay even though the nights seem a lot longer They are slightly less lonely Sending Love,Continue reading “Dear Dreamer Boy: A Collection of Letters”

Interview for English…

Hello everyone! I hope your day is going well. In my English class, we just recently finished reading Tuesdays with Morrie (such a good book). For our finishing assignment, we have to do an interview with someone over the age of 60. I am really excited about this but don’t know who to interview sinceContinue reading “Interview for English…”

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