Dear Dreamer Boy: A Collection of Letters

Dear dreamer boy,
You said you haven’t slept in four days
Now it’s been four days without a response
So I guess you fell asleep and haven’t woken up yet
The moon quit talking to me too
But that’s okay even though the nights seem a lot longer
They are slightly less lonely
Sending Love,
Your darling angel


Dear dreamer boy,
You were the first of all of them
We took naps in my bed
And even though I don’t remember your name
I think about you a lot
When I would wake up and
You’d kiss my forehead
You’d make the bed and i’d make cereal
You always loved coco puffs
Always remembered,
The girl that you used to love


Dear dreamer boy,
You were my best friend all through primary school
You left the state and then came back
And nothing had changed
You held my hand and we’d eat ice cream in the hallways
Now I see you four lockers down
And we haven’t talked in 5 years
Different groups, different lives
I wish you never left, you never said goodbye
A special place in my heart,
Your little werewolf


Dear dreamer boy,
Thank you for saving me
When no one else would listen
You always stayed by my side
And we are still close
I honestly would be lost without you
Because even though I love the others
You are the one that showed me
To live and not just survive
Forever grateful,
The girl that you accidentally became friends with


Dear dreamer boy,
The only one that proved to me
That everything will actually be okay
You taught me the most
And I love you endlessly
And sadly that is what broke my heart
A hole in my life,
Your McChicken


Dear dreamer boy,
I don’t know why I felt the need to write this one
Because you are the one that broke me
But i have excepted sometimes
Men are just boys with lusty intentions
Fuck you,
The girl that got up when you pushed her down


Dear dreamer boy,
I have yet to know your name
And I guess that is okay
Because sometimes my cluelessness
Is all you need to love
A future hello,
The girl that is learning to love again


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We decide the meaning 

Destiny lives within my memory
It is difficult for me to forget
So true forgiveness must be given
In order to be happy with this skin
I wish i could wash you from my clothes
My hands and hair are stained
But not in blood and tears
Like you would think
This is different
Destiny evolves within my thoughts
Destiny is the basis of everything i do
Not because it is already decided
But because i choose to choose


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Interview for English…

Hello everyone! I hope your day is going well. In my English class, we just recently finished reading Tuesdays with Morrie (such a good book). For our finishing assignment, we have to do an interview with someone over the age of 60. I am really excited about this but don’t know who to interview since I can’t go out due to quarantine. If anyone that reads this is 60 or older and would like to help me and have a deep conversation about life please contact me…i would be extremely grateful. My email is or just leave a comment and we can talk some other way. Thank you so much! ❣🌸

Hell in an Hourglass

They say praise God because
He’s the only one that can take
away our sins. But what’s the
point if we don’t change our actions?
I can beg and pray but I can’t
take it away, nobody can. But this
is a promise to be better everyday
that I breathe. I just want you to
be proud of me and time is ticking.


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Why did you lie/I would’ve understood

If I said tomorrow, you’d ask for today
But I never did understand partial wholes
So that’s already a given and
The sun sets and gives new heatwaves
To other days
And I don’t know why
There’s not enough for everyone
Why are our days not the same
Why can I not smile with you in my presence
Why is it so damn hard to get out of bed
I never could work without giving it my all
So If i dont think i can finish
I simply won’t start
So if today will not work for you
I will lay in bed and cry
But when tomorrow comes
I will force myself to crawl out
And paint false dignity on my face
Knowing once again, you will not show up


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NaPoWriMo at it’s end

I don’t normally do this because it’s super personal to me. BUT to celebrate the close of NaPoWriMo I thought I would share my journal. I make my own journals using composition books that I buy on sale. This is my new one..I just finished it last night..

The quote for this journal is from Edgar Allan Poe and I painted both the front and back using washi-tape for the binding

In addition to decorating the cover, I also washi tape two pages together because I like to add pictures and objects with my poems.. Plus I use a lot of mediums and sometimes they bleed through.

Can’t wait to use my new journal! I hope everyone had an amazing and fun time with NaPoWriMo. I enjoyed it so much and will definitely be doing it again next year! Love you all😘


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NaPoWriMo Day 30

No matter how much i will it away It always comes back, memories of you and me When i try to sleep at night I forget long enough to wish on a star Then you come back When i am out with my friends You come back and deep sadness Drips off my tongue My bones were built for this To never forget because right when i think You have finally left, You return But I’ll never see you again, But i miss you and that’s what hurts, You always come back ……. NaPoWriMo Prompt Day 30: Write a poem about something that returns

NaPoWriMo Day 29

My Baby dog, my best friend
The reason I survived the worst of it
She’s dead now
My furry companion,
The one that no ever was ever able to beat
She loved to hold my hand
Stand on her back legs and dance
I used to sit on the ground,
She would crawl in my lap and we’d cry together
Together was better, because neither one of us got what we deserved
Oh, my Baby, you would always do what I asked
I’ll never forget the way you jumped on my back
I yelled out in pain “You’re hurting me!”
So you got down and sat beside me
I fed you bread because it was your favorite
She died nearly two years ago,
I never got to say goodbye
But it’s better this way,
She doesn’t suffer anymore
And sometimes when I go outside,
I can still feel her
She’ll sit beside me on the ground
And i won’t feel lonely anymore
My best friend, my forever companion, my Baby
You will always be remembered 💗

Inspired by a quote from Tuesday’s With Morrie: “Death ends a life, not a relationship”

NaPoWriMo Prompt Day 29:
write a paean to the stalwart hero of your household: your pet.

Lost Appreciation

Everybody praises the stars at night
But I do not know anyone that has ever said they love the sun
Except for when it falls so we can be in darkness once more
Or when it rises because of the magnificent colors it penetrates
But just the sun, oh no, it is not seen as a star
Because it has a name, a reason
We understand that it is here and one day will be gone, like us
People are afraid because forever does not last forever
Just a concept that we made up for our own pleasure
But the stars will go on, even if they die
Because we will not know due to the speed of light
The sun knows us and we know the sun
And just like any family, we forget to show that love

NaPoWriMo Day 28

This room is were I wept in silence
But no one heard

This room is small with a bay window
I curled up and slept
When I was left home alone for weeks on end

This room, I will forever have a hatred for
For no one came
When they showed up
And I was left helpless in a room not built for me


NaPoWriMo Prompt Day 28:
Describe a bedroom from your past in a series of descriptive paragraphs or a poem

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