Your stupid lies and my good for nothing heart…

This was supposed to be a goodbye But you ask for forgiveness every time And I let you stay because I am weak I think I get it from you, you let it slide I let you slide through the cracks of my heart This was meant only for flowers in the sidewalk But IContinue reading “Your stupid lies and my good for nothing heart…”

Dear Dreamer Boy: A Collection of Letters

Dear dreamer boy, You said you haven’t slept in four days Now it’s been four days without a response So I guess you fell asleep and haven’t woken up yet The moon quit talking to me too But that’s okay even though the nights seem a lot longer They are slightly less lonely Sending Love,Continue reading “Dear Dreamer Boy: A Collection of Letters”

Princesses Love Lies

Cinderella, Cinderella send your love unto me For when the clock strikes midnight I wish to be free Rapunzel, Rapunzel send your hair down to me For when I climb the tower All your silent secrets will be known Ariel, Ariel give your collection to me For your most desired I have already stole SnowContinue reading “Princesses Love Lies”

Shakespeare’s Truth

Shakespeare once said “Under love’s heavy burden do I sink” And everyone took it poetically But he meant it more literally Cuz to love and be loved is brave And your heart becomes dense Causing your breath to become shallow My lungs are pushed down With thoughts of you I cannot swim I do notContinue reading “Shakespeare’s Truth”

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